I’ve always hated labels, preferring for my actions to speak louder than my words.  In this case I will make an exception.  I’m first a child of God, and a lover of all things theology, political, and religious.  I know, those are the three things you’re never supposed to talk about in every day conversation, but when it comes right down to it, I’ve never cared much for societal norms.

Second, I am wife to a philosopher and a theologian who masquerades by day as a corporate employee, and by night as a student of all things intellectual.  If you were a fly on a wall in our home, you would often hear us teasing each other over finer points of sometimes inane but often deep arguments, ending with me throwing my hands in the air bemoaning that I married someone smarter than me.

Third, I am mother to two crazy, adorable monsters who run my life like tiny dictators.  Having boys 17 months apart was both the best idea we’ve ever had, and the worst. You won’t find any cuter children on the planet.  Don’t worry, I’m totally unbiased.

March 1, 2018 I released the first part in The Steward Saga, called Rift in the Deep. It is an epic fantasy akin to Robert Jordan, Brandon Sandersen and Terry Goodkind. Until then, enjoy the musings of a bibliophile interested in all things indie writing, especially as it relates to the stuff we aren’t supposed to talk about.